Brianne I would 100% recommend!! I lost my eyebrows due to getting chemotherapy treatments and Calais made me feel like myself again. She gave me my eyebrows back and I can’t thank her enough! She truly cares about her clients and is amazing at her job. She even took the time to message me privately to see how I was doing and how my eyebrows were healing. Thank you so much, you’re the best!

Tanisha I had a really great experience. Now i literally had no eyebrows they were so mishaped and I was just used to having none! Calais really made me feel comfortable about my new eyebrows. She is friendly, and really knows her stuff! I will be seeing her again in 6 weeks for my touch up. And today is the second day I have had them and I already received so many compliments! Thank you! Calais!

shadepixie Calais is kind, patient and an absolute pro. I work in the same industry and picked her to tattoo my own brows based on the quality of her work as well as the kindness she showed me in the past. She put up with my pickiness and perfectionism, and was persistent with my tough, thick skin. I’m not easy to work with in a couple of different ways, and she never lost her patience. I’m still healing and will have to wait for the brows to settle, but her aftercare is easy to follow and allows for washing, which my super-oily skin appreciates. Overall, I’ve been pleased with the experience so far, and will likely see her soon for a touch-up. Thanks for being so great, Calais!

Rebecca Miyuki is the best at lash lifts! She took her time and was very meticulous about them. I wont be going anywhere else for lifts anymore. The studio is very clean and well decorated. The rest of the staff are so friendly and welcoming.

Taylor S Got my eyebrows micro-bladed by Calais who is lovely! She did an awesome job and made me feel comfortable and relaxed the entire time. One of the best feelings is waking up and not having to do your eyebrows!

kirstennalyssa I have had nothing but wonderful experiences at Browcasso. The customer service is great, the environment is welcoming, and when you walk it is noticeably clean and prestine. When I first got my eyebrows done 3 years ago I was nervous and very particular and Calais was very knowledgeable and patient with me in my particular nature. Since then I’ve relaxed and just sit back and let her do her work. There are many shops closer to where I live, but because of my great experience, I choose to travel for my touch ups and come back here.

Ashley P Love this place! super clean friendly staff. I left feeling so confident with my new brows!!!!! I recommend going here!

Shira G I was a bit nervous getting my eyebrows microbladed but Calais from Browcasso made me feel at ease and the process was painless!! I love my new brows, the professional service and clean facility! HIGHLY recommend!

Katarina L Browcasso is very professional, friendly, clean, and overall a pleasant experience. I couldn’t have wished for more perfect brows! Thanks so much Calais!!

Courtnie G I would 100% recommend Browcasso! After having my brows done by another artist from another company, I was disappointed and unsatisfied with the results. I decided I would have them redone and a friend had mentioned Browcasso to me. Not many studios will fix / cover work done by someone else, but after emailing Calais and explaining my previous experience she was not only kind and understanding but she was excited to help me achieve the brows I wanted. When I went to see Calais the first time, basically starting from scratch to cover what was left from my original tattoos, I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the entire procedure. I have gone back for 2 touch ups now and each time I am more and more thrilled with the results. My situation is a little different than most - in the fact that I started with basically no brows at all so, to achieve what I am looking for it will be a process which, to be honest I look forward to each touch up appointment. If you are considering having your brows done I would highly recommend Calais and Browcasso.

Karly T I just had my eyebrows done by Calais, and I cannot stress how happy I am with the results. The entire experience was enjoyable! Calais is a true professional, and just a very genuine, kind person. I would not only recommend browcasso to to any of my friends, I would strongly urge that they don’t even consider another choice! Thank you so much Calais for giving me brows I can feel confident about.

Louise B BROWCASSO IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Getting my eyebrows microbladed was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I have very fair skin & light copper hair so if I didn't pencil in my brows everyday, you often couldn't see them at all! Because of this I was often made fun of in high school or laughed at, because even if I did pencil them in I sucked at it and they ended up being a different shape everyday! BUT NOW I wake up with a boost of self-confidence every single morning. And as an added bonus I’m saving at least 15-minutes when getting ready.

The entire process was effortless! The owner of Browcasso, Calais, goes above and beyond to make sure all of her clients are comfortable and well informed. I was extremely nervous about getting it done because I was afraid of the pain, but they use this incredible numbing cream, and you literally can’t feel a thing! In fact, I found it quite relaxing.

I have some friends who have looked around at different boutiques and feel that Browcasso is too expensive - let me tell you IT’S NOT! The cost to get your brows micro bladed should be on the pricey side, I mean it is a tattoo on your face! But moreover you need to one able to trust the person doing it. When I chose Browcasso I did so because I had been following them on Instagram for over 2-years and I saw not only their initial work but also their healed results - and I cannot stress how important this is!

Since my appointment in July 2018, I have gone for my first touch-up in August 2018, and another touch-up in March 2019. Every time I have been thrilled with my results! I will continue coming back every six months or so just to keep my brows looking crisp and clean. In addition to microblading, I also go to Browcasso for Lash Lift & Tints with Paula, and just recently tried a Dermaplaning facial with Amber!

ALL IN ALL, this place is clean and professional. If you are thinking about microblading, my advice would be to go for it and to choose Browcasso because honestly that do it best!

Lyndsay M Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a deep rooted, terrifying fear of needles and anything that punctures in to skin. The thought of it literally makes my stomach do internal somersaults. Growing up, us little girls back in the (mumbles, 90’s) were alway’s told “beauty doesn’t happen without pain.” This saying is so far from the truth.

Walking into Browcasso, I was filled with anxiety. “What have I gotten myself in to and what lies ahead for me?”

Calais met me at the gorgeous, crystal lined entrance. This place was bright, modern (yet not cold and stark feeling) and spotless - this alone was more appreciated and applauded than I am willing to fully admit. Lol.

Calais was so welcoming and calming. Her entire demeanour really helped with easing my racing mind. She set me up on a supremely comfy bed that had the most cozy blanket.

Calais took the time before delving in to anything to look me in the eyes and explain absolutely every single step that she was going to do. She took the time to make sure I was fully aware of absolutely everything and her transparency is what eased my anxiety down to nothing.

The whole process was a couple hours and we chatted like two long lost g/f’s that were just catching up. Calais continuously asked me how I was doing and if I needed more freezing cream. I seriously did not feel anything! Not even a pinch of pain. I can see how one could easily fall asleep while there with Calais. She was beyond professional, and so, so gentle.

When we were all finished, I was given a cute little after care kit with detailed instructions and do’s/don’ts. It was super helpful. Calais went through everything to expect afterwards, and even messaged me on her own afterwards, and checked in on me that evening. It is these little things that go so, so far, and I really appreciated that she did that.

My only complaint is with myself, for not getting my brows done sooner and wasting so much time with temporary solutions.

I am so in love with my brows now, and with Calais!

I have no problem at all recommending Browcasso and Calais for your brow needs. Trust me… It’s worth it, and with the sunshine of summer just around the corner… why waste your time drawing your brows in, just to have them gone by sweat and water or whatever else. Take the plunge and wear your brows with pride day and night!

Chelsea K Absolutely THRILLED with my brows. Calais is incredibly talented and so fun to be around. Paula and Calais make you feel at home from the moment you walk in until you walk out (feeling like a superstar). Seriously- Browcasso or bust.

tessa t I have been going to Browcasso ever since it has opened and I am never disappointed! It is such a welcoming environment with friendly staff. My lashes are always perfect when I get them done; they stay on looking great until my next fill which would be 2-3 weeks after that initial appointment.

Lisa H I have been going into Browcasso since it opened. The staff are all experts in their field and are always able to answer my questions. After a visit, I always get tons of compliments on their work. The shop is beautiful and always super clean.

Desiree D I have been to browcasso quite a few times, the staff is very friendly, and are very skilled, and educated in their profession. I have found them to be very accommodating, and the shop is always very clean and organized. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants amazing eyebrows or stunning eyelashes!!

Julianne Keu I researched microblading for over a year before I decided to jump the gun. SO happy that I did, and even happier that I went with Browcasso! Calais is the best of the best - her portfolio speaks for itself. Everything about my experience was perfect -- brows healed super quickly too!

Stacey D I am always amazed at how my eyes make me go Wow! After an appointment with Taylor. Love this place! Everyone makes you feel welcome.

Katrina C Browcasso is fantastic! I got my eyebrows microbladed here and she did an amazing job. The salon is beautiful, I’ve never been in a cleaner and friendlier environment. Calais is outstanding at what she does.

Jessika G Where do I even begin?…
I spent over 13 years painstakingly drawing on eyebrows I usually ended up hating and picking apart I am a self admitted brow snob! I am so lucky to have amazing brows now everyday because of Browcasso. I cannot say enough praise about how amazing and lovely Calais (owner and brow babe) is, and how she was so careful and patient with making sure my requests were met, and I loved my brows (with her pre-draw) before any actual microblading had begun. Not only is she and her staff an absolute pleasure to spend time with, her space is stunning and so comfortable - it’s bright and cozy all at once. I continue to fo back for my touch ups, and will continue to do so for many more years to come.

tamiko t I absolutely LOOOVE Browcasso!!! Such a gorgeous shop, and always spotless. I have been going to Browcasso since they first opened and am always so impressed with their quality of work. All of the women working there are perfectionists, paying such great attention to detail, and it truly shows in their work! I guarantee you will walk out of Browcasso feeling like a million bucks! Go see for yourself :)

Courtney O Awesome staff, great location and beautiful studio space! They are super accommodating and welcoming!

Jess C I got my eyebrows microbladed at Browcasso and I have never been happier! Not only is the salon beautiful, but the ladies there offer next level service. I wasn't sure about what shape would work best for my face, but I showed Calais a few pictures of what I liked and she worked her magic. I always get compliments on my eyebrows and didn’t realize what a difference it would make to my confidence! I have also gotten my lashes done (by Taylor) and they never disappoint. I HIGHLY recommend checking this place out!

Justine O I highly recommend the ladies at Browcasso for microblading, eye lash extensions and lash lifts. I first got my lashes done and fell in love instantly with them and the lash technician who was so kind. My lashes looked real and they made sure I felt comfortable with the length, as I wear glasses so if they are too long I can feel them touching. I have not stopped going since I started. Next were my brows and they changed the way I look at myself. They do an amazing job making sure that they are exactly what I want and that they look like my natural brows. My brows now have a shape and colour and I could not be happier with the outcome and amazing service! If you’re looking for a way to wake up and go… Browcasso is the place!

Meghan T I would highly recommend browcasso for microblading, lashes and lash lifts. I first went right when they opened and could not believe how tidy and welcoming the shop is right when you walk in. I got my eyebrows microbladed by Calais and she is so professional and makes sure your getting exactly the look you want. My whole life I had always been insecure about my brows but never did anything about it. And now I can say I’m happy with them and it totally changed me. She (Calais) is so good at what she does and really makes sure you are comfortable with the experience.

I also got my lashes done there by Taylor, and she does an amazing job! I was worried about them not looking natural but when I was done they looked perfect! Lashes are great for everyday but also if you are going on vacation or to an event. Definitely love all the staff and the professionalism they have. Will be going back for all the services again!

Lauren T If you are considering different salons in the lower mainland for semi permanent make up, eyelash extenstions or lash lifts, I highly recommend Browcasso in Steveston! I get so many compliments on both my brows and my lashes, and I have the ladies at Browcasso to thank! Calais was great in working with me and giving me the best possible brows I could imagine. Highly recommend!

Courtney M A breath of fresh air for Steveston!! The staff are knowledgable and make you feel right at home. When it comes to microblading, Calais is the best of the best. The dynamic of the shop is awesone! If you are contemplating brows or lashes, this is where you need to be!

Shannon H I can't say enough about Browcasso - Calias is not only insanely talented, she has the sweetest way of making her clients feel comfortable and valued. From booking, to the appointment and follow up, I couldn't ask for a better experience. To most people they’re just eyebrows. But for someone like me who has been so sel-concious that I’ve spent years missing out on things like swimming, sweating at the gym or in the sun - It’s much more than a facial feature. My perfectly shaped arches have given me the confidence to go out and LIVE LIFE again.

There’s no one else I would trust with my face. And I’ll be back for my yearly touch ups again and again. Thank you just doesn’t cut it. Go in and see Calais at Browcasso, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!